Monday, October 10, 2011

True Lies Review

Arnold Schwarzenegger is probably the greatest action star that Hollywood and the world has ever seen. Please tell me another action star with the portfolio of this man. He is an icon and makes iconic motion pictures. The team of Arnold and James Cameron was made in Hollywood heaven and did not disappoint in this movie at all. True Lies is easily one of Arnold's best movies and ranks pretty high up there in Cameron's catalog as well. While the movie is kind of long for an action movie, clocking in at 2 hours and 20 minutes, it never drags and is action packed and engaging for the entire run time.

The plot is kind of standard but Cameron and the cast do such a great job that you kind of forget that the plot is rather simplistic. The action in the movie is great and some of the sequences are unforgettable, such as the Harrier jet fight sequence. This is the kind of over the top action movie that we are really missing from Hollywood these days. A fun popcorn action movie with great characters and good story is what we need more of. I mean even Tom Arnold is good in this movie and he was in Soul Plane (almost unforgivable). I also must say that the guy they got to play the main terrorist in the movie may just be the most generic looking terrorist in the history of man. If this guy walked into any public place today, he would instantly be cavity searched and sent to Guantanamo Bay.

These are the types of movies that got people into theaters because they were loud action packed and fun. I really want to know what happened in Hollywood that made this change because the industry had been on the decline lately and needs an injection of something to get it going again. I also cannot wait unit Arnold is back making movies again. He is currently filming a movie that is due out next year, and I have high hopes for this. I have liked almost every movie he has ever been in except for his comedic roles which weren't exceptional. This movie really does deserve a sequel, and I feel that Cameron being involved really slowed the process and killed any hope that this movie had of becoming a franchise. He is just too slow in developing movies to push them out on a consistent basis. Avatar 2 might be out by 2014, and that is 4 years after the release of the 1st movie. That is does not inspire confidence in me that that will be a worthwhile franchise because the actors in the movie are not getting any younger even if most of the time they are CG.

As for True Lies, this is a must see movie for just about everyone. This is a great movie and can get the attention of even the most stuck up viewer. This is a pure action movie do not watch this movie expecting an Oscar award winner, expect to see one of the most over-the-top action movies you will ever see. Watch this and if you do not, then you are just dumb. And on a related note Arnold is a total BOSS.