Saturday, October 8, 2011

Scream 4 Review

This is going to be a very short review. If you have seen and liked any of the first three Scream movies then you will see this one no matter what I say. This is essentially the same movie as the first Scream except with a slightly larger cast. I am pretty sure Wes Craven is working on auto pilot and no longer tries to be creative in any way whatsoever. His effort in his lat few movie has been pathetic and that is putting it lightly. The only two actors trying in the movie are Courtney Cox and David Arquette, and their acting performances are only believable because they play husband and wife and while they were filming this movie they were husband and wife. Actually when I think about it, Neve Cmpbell was also good in this movie. She always gives a solid performance in movies she is in. Her character has really bad luck because she is essentially a serial killer magnet and that cannot be good for her mentally.

If they wanted to do something original with the series they would show the whole movie from the killer's perspective. Everyone else in this movie is simply phoning in their performances which is a shame because there was a good amount of talent in the cast but Craven could not get very good performances out of them. I'm not sure why this would be hard to do given that this series is in need of a reboot desperately because it became stale after the second movie. I feel like each movie was able to have a good cast of characters but they were just used very ineffectively except for the first one which is still awesome.

The plot is standard, the acting is wooden, and the direction is mediocre. This is simply an okay horror movie that throws way to many red herrings at the viewers without enough substance in the movie. See this if you have seen the others because this is going to most likely be the last Scream movie or at least I hope it is.