Sunday, October 30, 2011

Bad Teacher Review

This is one of the only movies with Cameron Diaz in it that I thought was genuinely good. She isn't the best part of the movie but she is also not the worst. This movie is on the same vein as Bad Santa and takes the notion that all teachers care and it flips that notion on its head. The movie has all of the things that make an R-Rated comedy great, great jokes, good characters, and solid story. Everyone in this movie is very funny in their own way and fits very well into the movie. The director has also made some incredibly funny movies including Orange County and The Dewey Cox Story.

The story revolves around a teacher who does not care about her job at all and is just using this job to get summers off and is about to marry a rich guy who can't tell she doesn't love him. They break up and she needs to go back to being a teacher and she continues to just coast by at her job. Then a handsome, rich substitute (Justin Timberlake) comes to the school and she sets her sights on him. The main plot revolves around her having to earn enough money to get breast implants, so Timberlake's character will want to marry her. A local gym teacher (Jason Segel) is also vying for her attention but she is resistant because he is a gym teacher and makes little to no money. Throughout the course of the movie, Diaz's character comes up with several schemes to get the money to pay for her surgery and each one gets more and more absurd. Her friendship with Segel is hilarious and they each play off of each other so well.

The actors in this movie are very funny and the funniest in my opinion is Jason Segel. He is great in everything I have seen him in and he keeps getting better and better. Forgetting Sarah Marshall is still one of the funniest movies I have ever seen and that is solely because of the fact that Segel has amazing comedic timing and delivery. The sarcastic lines in the movie that they give him are fantastic and his bits are freaking hilarious. He is going to keep getting better with each movie he is in and he has the Muppets Movie coming in November and it looks incredible. Diaz is also surprisingly funny in this movie which is amazing given the terrible string of movies she has been in the last few years. She really needs to pick and choose what she does because she has the ability to be in very good movies but she picks bargain basement crap. Her character is mean spirited, sarcastic, and arrogant which she plays to perfection over the course of the movie.

This is not a movie for people who like nice and heartfelt romantic comedies, this is more for people who like comedies like Knocked Up and Forgetting Sarah Marshall. There is cursing, nudity, drugs, and alcohol in this movie and they take everything to the limit. The movie is sarcastic and mean spirited for most of the movie and it is always funny. Segel and Diaz rise to being the real bright spots of the movie because they never go overboard with their characters and they make their characters believable. Timberlake on the other hand does go overboard with his character and at times he does seem a little cartoonish. Thomas Lennon is in the movie for an extended cameo and is really funny, its a shame that he does not get larger parts in movies because he is usually one of the better aspects of any movie he is in. This is one of the funnier movies that I have seen this year and ranks up there with Bridesmaids as the top comedies of the year.

This is a movie that really embraces the R-Rated philosophy and runs full speed with it. This is the movie that will hopefully catapult Diaz into taking on more selective roles that fit her strengths. This is a movie I can recommend to everyone who like filthy comedy and to anyone who is a fan of either Segel or Diaz. Watch this movie and you will be surprised at how good it actually is.