Sunday, October 2, 2011

50/50 Review

This was a movie after hearing early reviews that I was a little down on. I still wanted to see it but had to turn my expectations down a bit when walking into the theater. I have no idea what some critic were thinking but this is a special movie and the performances are some of the best I have seen this year. Joseph Gordon Levitt is easily on of the best young actors in Hollywood these days and carries the weight of the movie effortlessly. Seth Rogen is also very good on this movie playing JGL's best friend from childhood and he provides some of the best lines in the movie. Anna Kendrick is also believable as a young therapist trying to help people the best way she can.

Levitt's performance in this movie is truly great and ranks up there with the best of the year, he portrays the evolution of his character on screen to perfection. The viewer gets to see his character go through the process of going from timid introvert to trying to live in the moment because of his believed doom. I'm not going to spoil the movie, so just watch it. I will state that if you are not the one to like a movie full of emotional scenes then do not see this movie. This is one that had me shed a tear on more than one occasion and I'm not ashamed to say that. Great stories and movies are supposed to bring about emotional responses in the viewer and this is one that really got to me. The relationship between Levitt and Rogen as best friends is one of the most prominently showcased relationships in the movie and it is great. Rogen's character tries to get Levitt to live life in the moment and enjoy every moment. This is Rogen's way of dealing with the situation that his friend could potentially die in a short time. Anna Kendrick's character tries to get him to express what he is going through and say what he really feels about his situation. His mother is played by Anjelica Huston and all she want to do is take care of her son albeit by smothering him with attention and affection. This is a movie about how one would react to having cancer and how the people close to that individual try to deal with it as well. I have seen a lot of movies in my time and this is one of the only ones that I can say that really had me "care" about the characters in the movie. Everyone in the movie is easy to relate and are sympathetic because you can see yourself potentially going through the same situation that they are going through.

The last thing I want to say is that Hollywood needs people to see this movie because it will inspire people to actually write original movies and have really good casts to lead them. This is a great independent movie and deserves to be seen by a lot more people than it will be. Go see this movie, it has great laughs and great emotional moments in the movie. You'll laugh, you will cry, and you'll have the pleasure of seeing a great movie. This is easily the best drama I have seen all year and a top 10 movie movie contender as well.