Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Night of the Comet

This is one of my favorite movies from the 1980's and is one of those movies that when I start watching it I have to finish it no matter what. Night of the Comet is also on of the best Apocalypse movies that has ever been made. There are no gaudy special effects or A-list actors, but the story is engaging and all of the main character are likable. The two main female characters, Regina and Samantha, are sisters who have been trained by their father, who is in the military, to take care of themselves. This comes in really handy when facing the decaying survivors of the disaster that has struck the Earth. Reggie and Sam are two of my favorite characters in any movie from the 1980's because they each have characteristics of a strong female protagonist such as Ripley from the Alien movies. The film also builds a lot of tension by playing on the fact that you and the characters have no idea what is going to be around the corner in any given scene. Also by filming in deserted parts of a city, it gives the appearance that an actual catastrophe happened and its just the two sisters alone until they find a couple of unharmed survivors. The premise of the story is pretty original but that could be said for a lot of B-movies in the 80's and the main problems with the movie is the lack of overall budget. With a higher budget, better set and special effects could have been used, but that is a small gripe I had with an otherwise fantastic movie. If you enjoy silly B-movies, then this one is right up your alley. Watch it and enjoy. 9.5/10