Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Help

The Help is the type of movie that I would traditionally not enjoy very much. A two and a half hour long period drama is not my idea of the best way to enjoy my time. But this movie totally proved me wrong. I enjoyed this movie from beginning to end and this was the best drama that I have seen all year. The sheer amount of talent in the cast warrants a viewing of the film. The cast consists of Emma Stone, Viola Davis, Bryce Dallas Howard, Octavia Spencer, and Jessica Chastain. Each of the five actresses give amazing performances with Spencer and Chastain stealing each scene that they are in and they are great when they are in scenes together. This is the type of character driven movie that only comes along once and a while and really needs to be seen by everyone.

Jessica Chastain had one of the greatest years in movie history. She was in 5 critically acclaimed movies and has been nominated for almost every type of award that you can think of. She is unbelievably good in this movie and steals every scene that she is in. Her character is an outcast from the group that she so badly wants to be a part of, even though she is a better person than everyone else in that group. She is sweet, kind hearted and amazingly sexy all at the same time. Her energy just flows off of the screen, you feel happy when she is happy and you feel her despair when she is sad as well. It is just a purely amazing performance that stood above most of the other performances in the movie. I am eagerly waiting to see what she does in her upcoming movies, she looks like she is going to be one of the greats.

This is one of the finest dramas that I have ever seen. Each of the main characters are very memorable ad you feel for each one of them over the course of the movie. Viewers will identify with at least one of the major characters and this is a great strength of the movie. When a movie is this character driven each character must have the ability to engage the viewer every time they appear on screen. Emma Stone gives a great performance and she is more of the lens for the viewer to look through. She is the viewer's eyes and ears early on in the movie so the viewer can get acquainted with the setting and the other characters in the movie. This is a movie that deserves to be seen by everyone. It is a historically important film in terms of pointing out a part of our society that mostly goes undiscussed. This is a 9/10 and is really one of the best movies that you will see all year and one of the best dramas of the last few years.