Monday, September 5, 2011

Trainspotting Review

This has to be one of the finest movies I have ever seen. Everything about this movie is top notch from the acting, directing and overall story. Danny Boyle crafted a movie that is almost perfect in every way and this quality is evident in almost every movie he has made since. In my opinion this is the greatest anti-drug commercial ever made. The set pieces in this movie will make you absolutely never want to do heroin. The scene where Ewan McGregor is getting clean cold turkey is one of the most disturbing scenes I have ever seen. His character has to relive all of the worst evens in his life and the lives he has destroyed and it is a truly amazing scene, one that has to be seen to truly get the full force of it.

Every acting performance is great in this movie and that is what really allows this movie to shine. Ewan McGregor, Ewen Bremner, Johnny Lee Miller, Kevin McKidd, Robert Carlyle, and Kelly Macdonald make each of their characters seem very believable, None of the characters are particularly "likable" because most of the characters are kind of terrible human beings. McGregor's character Renton is the main character and when you really look at his action he is the hero and the villain of the movie. All of his misfortune is by his own accord. He destroys his life at every turn and contributes to the destruction of the lives of the people around him. He indirectly kills one of his friends, gives a hit of heroin to a mother who just found her child dead, and relapses 3 times within the time frame of the movie. Not exactly the behavior of a model citizen or even a normal person. In the end he tries to justify his last terrible act by saying that will allow him to be more like us "the viewers". He even admits to being a horrible person in the movie, I personally see him as a tamer version of Alex from A Clockwork Orange. Ewan McGregor truly makes this movie worthwhile, without his performance the movie would fall apart. All of the other actors play off of his performance and he brings a certain likability to his rotten character that makes people root for him.

Of all of the movies I have reviewed so far this is definitely the best one by far. I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes movie that aren't terrible. Everything about this movie is high quality and although not everyone will like the subject matter of this movie, it is worth it just to see what a great movie looks like.