Saturday, September 3, 2011

Chaos Theory Review

Right off the bat I can say that I was pleasantly surprised by this movie. Ryan Reynolds truly carries this movie and proves that he can deliver a great performance in a good movie. I hope he starts doing more movies like this as opposed to cinematic filth such as Green Lantern or The Proposal.

The movie itself is pretty solid as a whole. The set up for the story is fairly basic (guy leads a structured life and then an event throws off his structured path), but the execution is much different than most "dramedies". The movie revolves around the main character having his life torn apart and it has the viewer feeling every ounce of pain he is experiencing throughout the entire movie. The fact that the performances in the movie get the viewer to care about the characters is a great strength that the movie has going for it. Without the great performances from Ryan Reynolds, Emily Mortimer, and Stuart Townsend this movie would have probably been awful but they elevate the movie to being a very good one.

Overall there is nothing particularly negative to say about the movie other than some people may feel as though it is a very standard "dramedy". Overall I can say that I recommend this movie if you like dramas and great performances.

Sorry for the short review, there just wasn't that much to review with this particular movie.