Sunday, September 4, 2011

Hudson Hawk Review

Where should I begin with Bruce Willis' Hudson Hawk? I'm not going to lie to you this is a pretty terrible movie overall, the acting is hammy and the story isn't really cohesive. This movie was made in the early-90's and it was when Bruce Willis was being just coming into super-stardom and this was not one of his best movies. The movie has no idea what it wants to be, a slapstick spoof movie or an action adventure movie.

This movie is way to silly at times, they have Danny Aiello and Bruce Willis repelling from building to building using a dividing rope from a pool. This is a ridiculous scene because Aiello has to be the most non-athletic actor to ever be in a movie. Another scene has a character responding to the question, "What is going on in there?", with "Should I rape them?". The dialogue in this movie is truly terrible but it is ridiculous enough to make you enjoy the movie to some extent. The villains in this movie are truly terrible, they are way too over the top and silly. Bruce Willis is the only actor in the movie who acts rationally in the movie. His character is mostly confused by what the hell is going on in the movie just like the viewer watching the movie. Neither has an idea of what is going on in their respective situations.

The plot is what really sends it into the realm of B-movies, discovering DaVinci's secret alchemy formula to destroy the world's economy, What the fuck is that going to accomplish. Villains in most movies like this have pointless goals like destroying the world, why would you want to destroy the world so you can be the last asshole on it. As much as I ripped on this movie for being silly and terribly acted, I never once had a bad time watching it. This movie was so terrible it was actually really enjoyable. Also seeing Andie MacDowell impersonate a dolphin may be the most embarrassing scene in movie history