Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Top Gun Review

Top Gun, oh how I love you. This is one of my top 10 favorite movies to watch, and I have seen it about a dozen times. Top Gun is one of the only movies that I don't feel Tom Cruise is playing himself in the movie. From the first time I saw this movie I bought into the fact that he could be this hotshot pilot and that really adds to the enjoyment. Having characters you can connect with is essential in getting the viewer invested in the movie.

This movie can only be described as being comprised of mixture of pure testosterone and adrenaline. It is a thrill ride of a movie, slightly lacking in story but that is made up by the amount of action scenes that are in this movie. Anthony Edwards, who plays "Goose" is also a vital part of the movie because he has a hand in both the major comedic scenes and the hugely dramatic scenes. He is fantastic as Cruise's navigator and best friend, even Meg Ryan pops up in the movie as his wife. This is the only movie that I can watch Meg Ryan in without turning my TV off, she has become or maybe she always was one of the most overrated actresses in Hollywood. Val Kilmer plays Cruise's rival who also happens to be another cocky alpha male and they but heads until later in the movie. Kilmer plays the same character in almost every movie I have ever seen him in but this is his best movie so I really can't complain.

Tony Scott actually knocks it out of the park with this movie. His movies are usually 50/50 if they are going to be exceptional or utterly unwatchable. Watch Man On Fire and then watch Domino if you want to see him go from career best to pile of dog crap within a year. This was one of the first movies to use what has been called "MTV" editing where there are a lot of quick cuts and other aspects that arose from that generation. He did a fantastic job with what was at the time an extremely young cast and manages to make the most basic of plots feel engaging. I also have to mention Michael Ironside as Jester, because he is awesome in just about every movie he has ever been in. Definitely one of those actors who is exceptional almost every movie he is in and is usually considered a scene stealer. Michael Ironside and Bruce Campbell(another completely underrated actor) should get bigger parts because they are so immensely talented.

Overall I would recommend this movie to just about anyone, kids can watch it, teenagers, and adults. They will all like it for different reasons but they will still all like it and be entertained which is what really matters. Action, drama, slight and sometimes unintentional comedy come together to make a truly memorable and special film.