Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Thing Review

The Thing is most likely the most perfect movie that I have ever has the pleasure of seeing. The combination of horror and sci-fi is unmatched by any movie except for Aliens and that is a great movie to stand side by side with. This was created by John Carpenter when he was firing on all cylinders and you can see this in the execution of the movie and all of its elements. The cinematography, sound, editing, and casting were all perfect. The cast in this movie does an amazing job with the star of the show being Kurt Russell and this movie made me a lifelong fan of him and I've liked almost every movie he has ever been in. Russell is undeniably believable in the role and you believe that he is this grizzled pilot on an Arctic base. Keith David Wilford Brimley also star in the movie and they are also excellent in the movie.

This movie has some of the most intense moments in movie history and some of the most terrifying scenes as well. The best scene in the movie in my opinion is when Russell's character is testing everyone's blood and then all hell breaks loose. You really have to see the movie to get a sense of how great it is and the effort that was put into every aspect of the movie by Carpenter and the crew. The effects team on this movie did the best job I have ever seen and it beats anything the has come out since that time. The effects scenes are incredibly done and they attention to detail is incredible along with the original designs that they cam up with. There are a few scenes that will shock people if they have not seen the movie before. There are so many things that are amazing in this movie. I will not get into the plot because these reviews are spoiler-free and I will not spoil the greatness of this movie. The theme of group paranoia is what drives this movie and it is shown masterfully on screen by Carpenter and the cast.

This is a movie comprised of a classic story, classic performances and genre defining scenes. In short, this is a perfect movie. This easily ranks in my top two movies alongside Shaun of the Dead. This is a movie that must be seen by all who can see it and is essential if you are a fan of science fiction or horror. All in all this is a must see movie. Do yourself a favor and buy it on DVD or Blu-Ray and enjoy.