Friday, September 23, 2011

Killer Elite Review

The best way to describe this movie would be The Transporter with 2 big name co-stars. This is a rehash of almost every other Jason Statham movie that has ever been filmed. The only credible performance in the entire movie is De Niro, and that is really by default because he is much more talented than the rest of the actors in the movie. The action in the movie is pretty good but the story bogs the movie down. There are really abrupt changes in the narrative that break up the flow of the movie and it damages the quality of the movie. The director did a so-so job of filming the action sequences but there is nothing that truly separates this movie from any other generic action movie to come out in the last 25 years. It is great to see De Niro in an action movie but he should have been utilized to a greater effect because I think he is truly the main draw of the movie. Anyone who has seen a Jason Statham movie before knows how this movie will play out from the beginning, I'm not saying that's a bad thing but this guy really needs to start picking different roles. At this point the credits could read Jason Statham as Jason Statham because he essentially plays himself in every movie. He needs to get back to doing movies like Snatch or Revolver to get his career back on track. This is kind of a shorter review because there is nothing really to write about. If you like action movies and don't mind mediocre ones, you'll probably see this. If you want to see a great movie then find a theater playing Drive and go see that.