Sunday, September 25, 2011

Leviathan Review

Leviathan is basically "The Thing" set on an undersea mining platform. This just feels like the prototypical 80's creature movie and I loved it. The movie stars RoboCop and Winston from Ghostbusters (Peter Weller and Ernie Hudson). It also has Marv from Home Alone (Daniel Stern) and the main female character from Beverly Hills Cop. There is a lot of 80's star power in this movie and you can tell because most of the actors in this movie have not been in anything significant since the 80's. The effects in the movie are pretty similar to those of the Thing but not really the same quality overall. Whereas The Thing shows you every little detail of the creatures n the movie, Leviathan uses shadows and other effects to keep the budget to a minimum. The plot concerns itself with the Russians wanting to genetically alter some of the sailors to have fish-like qualities where they could breathe underwater but then something terrible goes wrong of course. The movie does an effective job of building tension and paranoia throughout the course of the movie. The creature in the movie also looks very good and the movie is just solid overall.