Sunday, September 25, 2011

Super Review

This is probably the most demented "Superhero" movie I have ever see, it definitely beats out Kick-Ass because most of the characters in Super could be considered psychotic. Rainn Wilson, Ellen Paige, Liv Tyler, and Kevin Bacon play the main cast of the film and each does an extremely effective job in the roles they were cast in. Rainn Wilson is the true star of the movie and he carries almost every single scene that he is in. He does a great job of showing the emotions of his character and how rage and sadness fill his character's life. Paige's character is the sidekick in the movie and she does a great job of portraying a slacker in her early 20's who finally finds purpose in her life and just runs with the idea of being Wilson's sidekick. This movie is extremely brutal at points and it doesn't shy away from shocking acts of violence on the character of the movie. Kevin Bacon plays his character extremely over the top and it works for the character he is portraying.

The main theme of this movie is a man's journey of self discovery and Wilson does a great job of showing his character's evolution from a meek timid man to a man who stands up against crime and fights for the people he cares about. The journey starts when Wilson's character, Frank, starts to have visions of people being demons and being visited by God. At that point the movie starts to veer from mildly realistic to crazy which is awesome. Where as Kick-Ass had people trying to actually help people to simply help them, Super's characters initially are selfish in their goals. Then through their acts they eventually starts to actually help people.

The movie is very low budget and it really helps the movie because the director had to focus more on the characters than on action sequences and special effects. This is one of those independent movies that wasn't highly regarded when it first debuted but years down the line it will be considered a cult hit and people will be watching it for many years. Overall this is a fantastic movie and I would recommend it to anyone who liked Kick-Ass, Defendor or Special.