Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Reason Why Guardians of the Galaxy Is An Awesome Idea

Guardians of the Galaxy is an awesome comic and was vastly under-appreciated during its run from 2008-2010. It had a very dedicated following and featured an eccentric group of characters and great villains. It really is like Avengers In Space, but that is not the way that Marvel should approach it. These are mostly unknown characters to the viewing public and need to be given interesting back-stories that will make them memorable characters. The movie should be handled as a movie that is larger in scope than Avengers though, because the conflicts in Guardians encompass the entire universe and not just Earth. The characters that were chosen for the movie are Star-Lord, Drax, Gamora, Groot, and Rocket Raccoon. I love that Marvel is keeping the cast to a minimum because each of these characters could fill a movie with their own awesomeness alone. Rocket Raccoon is an anthropomorphic raccoon who drinks and shoots people in the face, that could necessitate a movie on its own. Factor in that the main villain that they encountered in their comic series is the villain in the upcoming Avengers 2 and you have a natural pairing of the movies.

Casting this movie is going to be incredibly important because this is the movie that Marvel is banking on as their first "unknown" superhero movie. Everyone already knew who Captain America, Thor, and Iron Man were, but it will take some work to make this movie successful. Getting Great actors to fill these roles will be essential. My only two requests right now are Nathan Fillion as Star-Lord and Peter Dinklage as Rocket Raccoon. If you do not agree with my opinion in this case you are a complete fucking idiot. Many people thought that Fillion was the perfect actor for the Green Lantern but if you read Guardians of the Galaxy, you will instantly see that he perfectly fits the character of Star-Lord. Dinklage as Rocket Raccoon is just a no brainer, and is the easiest casting decision that the producers could make.

A lot of the recent comic book movies try and keep the movies based in reality and tone down the comic elements but this one is going to have to play up those elements. Over the top battles and special effects are going to be this movie's calling card and it better be fucking funny as well. The comic is a blend of over the top action and comedy and it blends wonderfully.

If Marvel can make Guardians into a successful franchise then they will be able to easily adapt movies from their lesser known character with very little stress. This could lead to a Luke Cage/Iron Fist movie, Dr. Strange, Ant-Man, and even another Daredevil movie. This is a gateway movie, and is really more important than the Avengers because that series can only last for so long before people get tired of it.