Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Battle Beyond the Stars

I love me some Roger Corman movies. There is Piranha, Humanoids from the Deeps, Death Race 2000, and Sharktopus to name a few. They may not be the greatest movies in the world but they are a good time and keep your attention with their over the top antics. He blatantly rips off the ideas of big production movies and  no matter how bad the story is he just makes the movie work. This is the same type of thing that Troma Studios does for horror, they take these old stories and infuse them with ridiculousness to make them fun and over the top in every way possible.

Battle Beyond the Stars is a combo of The Magnificent Seven and Star Wars. It takes the opening of the original Star Wars and essentially expands it into an hour and a half production. It also lifts its story directly from The Magnificent Seven and simply changes the setting to outer space. This is by no means a great movie in any way but it makes up for it with just ridiculous sequences. You learn absolutely nothing about any of the characters in the movie and have almost no idea why they are fighting for what they are. The main character just asks 6 mercenaries to lay down their lives for his planet and they accept almost immediately with no reasoning behind it. Everything is dated in the movie, the effects are sub-par, and the acting is fucking horrible. But even with all of these negatives against the movie, it is still one hell of a good time.


This is one of the B-movie Classics and deserves your time.

This movie is so bad that it needs to be seen. The actors most of the time are either overacting or not acting at all and it makes for an unintentionally hilarious experience.

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