Monday, July 9, 2012

The Horde

I am a huge fan of zombie movies and pretty much anything zombie related. The Horde is a French zombie movie that looked like it was going to follow in the footsteps of bat shit crazy French movies such as Inside, Martyrs, and Frontiers. The only problem with the movie is that the characters are pretty much one note caricatures and are very unsympathetic in every way. The main character of the movie is very uninteresting and there is no back story given to him and there is no developing of his character in any way. The movie thinks that it is doing all of these edgy things with the zombie genre and in reality it does nothing different in any aspect.

The action in the movie is a huge letdown. After seeing how far French directors are willing to push the envelope in every way possible from gore to story ideas. This movie takes zero chances and it makes the movie the worst type of movie, a generic one. Bad movies take chances and great movies take chances but generic movies just skid by doing the bare minimum. The action is limited and the gore is completely non-existent. Gore-less zombie movies are just the way I like them (don't mind the sarcasm). The blandness of the movie is just soul crushing and makes the movie a chore to sit through for an hour and a half. A stinking piece of shit is what this movie is and it should be treated that way. There is absolutely nothing good about this movie and it should be avoided at all costs.


This movie is a piece of shit

It is great that French horror movies love taking chances and pushing everything to the extreme. This movie does nothing of the sort and is a disappointment on every level. If you decide to watch this movie then you will be putting yourself through a truly terrible experience.

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