Friday, June 1, 2012

A Boy and His Dog

A Boy and His Dog routinely comes up on lists of the best movies currently streaming on Netflix. After watching it, it is really hard for me to dispute the fact that it is one of the best movies currently on Netflix. The movie stars Don Johnson and a dog named Tiger. They play Vic and Blood, who wander the nuclear wasteland that is America after World War III and IV. They share a psychic bond and can easily communicate without words. Vic has no morals and has no idea of how people are supposed to act in general. Blood on the other hand is a well read and intelligent dog who was bred specifically to have a psychic connection with Vic. The whole concept sounds a little bit "out there" but it works amazingly well.

Don Johnson and the dog in the movie do an incredible job of holding this movie together. This movie could have easily gone off the rails and been a complete disaster but it works as a great sci-fi/survival movie. Blood's actions coupled with voiceover make him an incredibly engaging character who is both out for his own self preservation and protecting Vic. Vic is what a person would be like if they were actually raised by wolves, because all he is looking for is to either have sex, eat or survive. These are literally the base actions for human survival and he will do anything to get them. The movie really does a good job at making this horrible and possible situation truly believable.

This movie could also be seen as an adaptation of the Fallout video-games series to the big screen. Most viewers will fail to realize that this movie actually inspired the creation of the Fallout series in many ways. You have a character who is a wanderer and mostly a blank slate. In later installments of the Fallout series, you can gain a canine companion who follows and helps you throughout the game. The movie also shares the black comedy of the game because at points in the movie you really can sense how disturbing and deranged the world in the movie is. People simply murder each other for food, women are raped on sight , and people steal from each other on a constant basis. That is the truly disturbing part of the movie. None of the characters have any real morals or beliefs and simply strive to do whatever they need to do to survive.

Final Verdict
Only For Sci-Fi fans

This is a movie that most people will not really enjoy. The movie has no production value and there is not really a character in the movie that the audience can root for except maybe the dog in the movie. The movie also gets really weird for long stretches and would definitely turn people off from the movie. I thought it was a good little post apocalyptic movie and it was good for what it was.

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