Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Following- "The Fall"

This is the episode that transformed this show from dour and sometimes disturbing drama to a ludicrous action packed guilty pleasure. It also happened to be the most entertaining episode since the pilot. Kevin Bacon seems to finally enjoying the outrageous nature of the show and is really starting to flex his acting chops. He spends most of this episode held hostage but is never scared or in any real danger from Paul, Emma, and Jacob. He just straight up punks Paul and Jacob over and over again with pretty hilarious lines.

Agent Parker finally stepped into the spotlight in this episode and we got a full dose of her backstory. I guess you become a specialist focusing on cults from escaping creepy ass cults when you were younger. The scenes of her as a kid were just super creepy and disturbing because he parents were forcing her to have sex with the cult leader. Nothing says "Parent of the Year" like getting mad at your kid for escaping constant sexual assault. She is going to be one interesting character when it comes to her coming into direct conflict with Joe or Roderick.

A couple of my personal theories  about the show came true this week, with the revelation that The Following is a lot bigger than originally stated and that Weston is not a traitor to the FBI. I knew one of the local cops was going to be a follower but I thought it was going to be the guy that got pair with Ryan, not the chick partnered with Weston. It was obvious from the introduction of the character that Parker was once part of a cult and I really did not see Emma leaving Paul and Jacob . This was an episode that got the plot of the show to go forward in a major way. I can't wait to see where we end up by the end of the season.