Monday, February 18, 2013

The Following - "The Siege"

The Following is finally coming into its own and this episode did an awesome job of moving everything forward. It was great to see that little Joey has some brains and isn't completely gullible. The amount of moving pieces in this show is getting staggering but not overwhelming. The introduction of Joe's attorney was another wrinkle thrown into the equation because he now has a mouthpiece so he can communicate with his followers through the media. Ryan had a few brain farts this week but what can you expect from a guy that is trying to save the child of the woman that he loves.

This is the first time that I felt like The Followers were playing from behind. They didn't know that the FBI had an idea of where they were and that they were only mere steps behind them. Joey getting free and coming into contact with a secluded couple was also some bad luck for the group. Paul, Emma, and Jacob are all completely psychotic pieces of shit, a fact that seems to be lost on a lot of people. All this time we thought that they all had an idea of exactly what the hell was going on but we come to find out that they are completely in the dark about certain facets of Joe's master plan.

Ryan is again at the forefront of the action in this episode and it seems like he is pushing himself way harder than he should be. Whenever he does anything at is physically taxing the music slows and focuses on his heartbeat. He needs to slow down and start letting the FBI come in and fix the shitty situations that he throws himself into. Weston should be permanently attached to Ryan's hip because he seems to be the only person that can actual protect Ryan from himself.

Addressing the "cliffhanger", we all know that Ryan isn't going to die and if there is a hostage situation the only question is whether or not one of the main "followers" is going to get ganked. I am hoping that we get to see some more followers come to the forefront or even get a hint if there is a mole in the FBI offices. The lawyer cannot be the only one being used as a source of info for Joe. But until we get any new information, we are still in the dark.


-Joey is actually Ryan's kid.
-Agent Parker was once in a cult and broke free.
-There are different cells within Joe's "Following" that each have different endgames.
-Weston despite all of the signs, is not a follower.
-Jacob's first kill will be of a main cast member, my money is on Paul.