Sunday, February 24, 2013

Seven Psychopaths

Best movie of 2012, I think so. I really wish that I had taken the time to see this movie when it came out last year, because it was fucking awesome. Having three of my favorite actors in the leading roles of the movie when enough to sell me in the first place, The story is what really put this movie over the top for me. Colin Farrell, Sam Rockwell, and Woody Harrelson absolutely kill it in this movie. Christopher Walken also shows his greatness in this movie and it makes you instantly forget the last 10 years of his career.

This is one of those movies that surprises you on almost every level. I knew that the acting was going to be top notch but I had no idea that the plot was going to be as solid as it was. The dream sequence 3/4 of the way through the movie is what solidified this as the best movie of 2012. The sequence was beautiful and violent, and it summed up the entire movie into one sequence. Each one of the seven psychos has an awesome story behind them and Tom Waits is the stand out of the bunch. He plays a pretty small part in the movie but his story is so creative that it leaves a lasting mark. He is in a way a twisted version of Dexter and even has a female companion that share his passion for killing serial killers.

Colin Farrell again shows that he is an extremely talented actor when in the hands of a talented director. He is paired with Neil McDonagh again and shows that his performance in In Bruges was not a fluke, Farrell is indeed a great actor. He finally gets to use his real accent and plays an alcoholic extremely well. His characters progression is done very naturally and you can see how he is affected by each of the "real life" psychos. Christopher Walken gives the best performance of the movie and it was great to see him not give a goofy, over the top performance for the first time in the last decade. He gives a great layered performance where he shows pure joy, despair, hope, and terror all in the span of the movie. He plays a loving husband, who cannot break out of the "profession" that he has been practicing for most of his life. As the movie goes on you get to see his past and learn why he is the way that he is.

I loved everything about this movie and I found almost no flaws with it. Farrell, Walen, and Rockwell make one hell of a team and they carried the movie on their mighty shoulders. Even Harrelson makes a memorable turn as the emotionally unstable villain of the movie. He has made quite the resurgence over the past few years and it seems like his comeback is here to stay. The well developed back stories for each of the psychos is what made the movie really special to me. Tom Waits and Harry Dean Stanton were the most interesting of the psychos and it would have been awesome to see their roles expanded but they were still great. Rockwell and Farrell are what made the movie for me because they are a great duo and each gives great performances on their own.

Seven Psychopaths is one movie that will be hard to forget. There are memorable characters, solid story, and great performances. Dredd was just a step behind this in the story department but was ahead in the visceral action category. The story is what put Seven Psychopaths over the to in the end. I am surprised that it got no love during award season, Walken should have gotten at least a few Best Supporting Actor noms. Check this out as soon as possible because it it just fucking awesome.