Monday, February 11, 2013

A Walking Dead Rant

I am a huge fan of The Walking Dead comic series and have been from the very beginning but the television show is starting to taint my love of the series. I have never seen an adaptation go so far out of its way to disrespect its source material. The fact that Shane survives a little longer in the TV series and is given an expanded role was fine with me even though he acted like a little bitch at points. His character was in line with that set up in the comics and his portrayal was consistent throughout the first two seasons. They just took him a little further off the deep end than in the comics and at points his character was better than in the comics. The alterations to characters such as Dale were acceptable because people may not be open to showing him in a relationship with Andrea because of the huge age difference. In the comics their relationship evolved naturally but in the TV series it would have felt pretty forced. These were the acceptable changes to the source material, now onto the blasphemous changes.

When did Andrea become such a fucking dummy? In the comics she is a strong female character that become a leader as the series progresses. But in the TV show she is The Governor's cum dumpster. What the fuck is going on? I want to know at what point the writers of the TV show just said, "fuck it", and decided to go completely against Andrea's awesome progression in the comics and make her a mongoloid in the TV show. The first season she is okay, the second season she starts making a few decisions that defy logic but nothing Earth shattering. Then in the third season, she just starts ignoring things that would make the dumbest of people suspicious. Maybe her banging The Governor will make her seem smarter and more likable, it is sad that this was probably the writers' reasoning for doing what they are doing. I am so happy that they butchered one of my favorite characters of all time and made her a complete dumbass. So pumped.

There is also nothing terrifying about this version of The Governor. In the comics he messes people up and is completely ruthless in his methods. The TV version is one good cry away from actually turning into one giant vagina. Michonne's attack on him in the comics is one of the greatest moments in comic book history because he repeatedly rapes and brutalizes her and her revenge on him is ripping his eye out, cutting one of his arms off, and then slicing his dick off for good measure. All of this is lost in the TV show and in the end Michonne seems like the overly viscous one. Just a huge misstep in a long line of missteps by the Walking Dead staff writers.