Sunday, October 14, 2012

NYCC Coverage: Evil Dead

I got the awesome opportunity to sit in on the Evil Dead Remake panel on Saturday at New York Comic Con. We were not allowed to record any of the footage under the threat of death (kidding), but I can say that it looks absolutely fucking amazing. This is not the horror/black comedy of the original, the remake is going to be pure balls to the wall, brutal horror. We got to see the world premiere trailer which also happened to be red-band. From what they showed in the trailer, the main character will be a female, Mia (Jane Levy),and will still revolve around the group finding the Necronomicon and unleashing the horrors within it. They showed footage of a demonic infected arm with a saw being put up to it, a potential tree rape, and the final shot was of Mia being trapped in the basement with one of the possessed. Mia being trapped in the basement provided the trailer's creepiest shot with her coming face to face with one of the possessed and the demon then sliced its own tongue down the middle with a razor. Without you actually being able to see it,  my explanation loses a little of the power that the trailer had. This was the best thing that I was over the weekend and the movie just looks incredible. Now we get to the panel itself.

Bruce Campbell was the highlight of Comic Con for me, he was funny and witty from the beginning of the panel to the end. He was able to justify the remake and got the crowd really pumped for it. Having Sam Raimi and him being the producers of the film, I have full confidence that it is going to be awesome. The question an answer session was pretty standard stuff with 99% of the questions going to Bruce. The highlight of the Q&A was when a female was asking Bruce a question and started to cry mid-question because she was so nervous. Bruce told her to come to the edge of the stage, he gave her a kiss and 5 bucks, and told her to hit the road. It was one of the greatest things I have ever see, it was both funny and sweet all at the same time.

This was the best panel of the day and it was great to finally see Bruce Campbell in person. The director that they chose also seems to have a real passion for the material and he wrote the movie as well. They also brought in Diablo Cody to clean up some of the dialogue because the director is foreign and didn't have a full grasp of all of the terms we use. Bruce put it best when he said, "we're old men, what do we know about how young people talk, plus she won a fucking oscar". Jane Levy also seems like she is going to be a solid lead, because she really believes in the material and said she would have done anything to get the role. She said after she watched the trailer that it actually scared the shit out of her and it was the first time she was seeing footage from the movie.