Monday, March 18, 2013

The Walking Dead- "Prey"

An Andrea-centric episode that didn’t make me hate the character more than I already did.  This was a good push to get the character back into the good graces of the audience.
The opening was a stand-alone flashback that didn’t really have much to do with the rest of the episode.  It showed that Michonne and Andrea survived the winter and that they were close with one another, but I wish it would have done more.

From here we get Milton, who had a great episode, trying to stop The Governor from going to war.  We see that The Governor has built a torture chamber for when he gets his hands on Michonne.  Milton shows this to Andrea who asks the question, “How can you still be loyal to this man?”  This is the question we have been asking ourselves endlessly throughout the season.  How does anyone stay loyal to this man?  Andrea does get a chance to end it, but Milton shows a lasting act of loyalty to the Governor here and stops her.  It was a nice scene and I think Milton really does feel loyal to him no matter what happens.  After this Andrea decided to leave town and this is really where the episode gets going this week.  There is a sense as the episode goes on that Milton may have reached his breaking point with The Governor.

Andrea gets past Tyreese and Sasha after talking to them for a bit, but this leads to them telling The Governor what took place.  Tyreese the whole episode wants to do nothing but what he feels is best for everyone.  He becomes more wary of everything going on in Woodbury starting with this interaction with Andrea.  Going to where the zombies are held only makes it worse.  He knows this isn’t how people should be treating each other in these times.  The fact that the father and son want to stay in Woodbury whereas Sasha and Tyreese want to leave makes Tyreese apologize later on to The Governor and say they want to be a part of life there.  I really hope Tyreese makes it out of the war that is to come because he has such a potential to become a great addition to the cast.

Onto Andrea and The Governor’s cat and mouse chase that made this episode wonderful.  Once Andrea leaves Woodbury, she is on her own trying to get to the prison.  She gets a few nice zombie kills before having to start running from The Governor and his truck across a barren field with no place to hide.  The chase leads them to a warehouse to see how well she can hide from him.  The Governor, creepily whistling and telling her to come home, is at his best in these scenes.  Finally he has had enough and finally lets the crazy out.  This is The Governor I’ve been waiting to see.  There is some fantastic zombie killing within the warehouse.  Finally they meet in the warehouse, and with nowhere to turn to, Andrea makes the decision of letting a hoard of zombies on The Governor and hightails it out of the building.  You can see she almost goes back once or twice, but finally opts to go away from him.  Just as she is about to call out to Rick at the prison, The Governor stops her and takes her back to Woodbury.  I think in these last few episodes The Governor is going to stick to his crazier and irrational ways, which is the best thing they could do for this character.

This was another good set up for the destruction to come by the end of this season and gave all characters involved a nice piece of the story.  I expect a lot of people turning on The Governor and possibly leads to many deaths to come for some characters we have learned to love this season.  Here’s hoping Tyreese and Milton make it out, while Martinez, The Governor, and Andrea don’t get so lucky.