Monday, March 18, 2013

The Following- "Love Hurts"

I didn't get a chance to write a wrap up for last week's episode, "Welcome Home", but I will say that it was one of the best episodes of the series to date. The idea of Weston getting captured and tortured was portrayed in pretty brutal fashion. The "game" that he had to play was sick and twisted but the good thing that came out of it was that we can now confirm that he is not a follower. Roderick is also becoming an even more major player in the series thanks to role as Joe's right hand man and he might actually be the brains behind the entire operation with Joe being more of a figurehead. I love this show because every week there is a new series of questions that pop up and the show keeps you guessing.

This week's episode, "Love Hurts", is one intense episode to say the least. It seems like each new episode ups the stakes just a little bit more than the previous one. This episode truly shows that no one is safe from the wrath of Joe and his followers. There is a special type of evil that is present in this episode with any person named Claire Matthews potentially being targeted for death. Just another wrinkle in Joe's master plan and the introduction of a new "follower", who is truly a deranged killer, is a welcome addition to the cast.

Seeing Jacob and Paul was great and then it quickly turned sour. Paul has been in horrible shape for a few episodes, ever since Ryan stabbed him five or six times in the gut. At this point his wounds are badly infected and even with proper medical treatment he still probably would not have made it. We did get a glimpse into their early experiences together where Paul killed a woman with Jacob watching and Paul covered up the fact that Jacob had never seen anyone killed and had not killed anyone as well.  Paul called in that favor by asking Jacob to kill him because he wanted his life to mean something, and with his death he has finally allowed Jacob to become what he had wanted to be, a killer.

Blondie McBitchface, if you know who I am talking about then you are definitely a fan of the show, also made an appearance this week and learned that you do not fuck with Ryan Hardy. She called his bluff and she got capped for it, better luck next time. The follower of the week looked like she could have been around for a while but she fell into the cross hairs of Hardy and most people who get in that spot don't stay around for long. Roderick and Emma had limited screen time this week but their interaction was pretty priceless. It was great to see someone finally call out Emma for leaving Paul and Jacob behind and fucking Joe.

I am loving this show more and more every week. As the show embraces the inherent ridiculousness of its concept it seems to get better and better. This week actually had the FBI seeming like they know what they are doing and by balancing realism with craziness the show is starting to stabilize and become consistently great. This is a must see show on a weekly basis and is the best show currently on TV until Game of Thrones debuts its new season.