Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Following- "Let Me Go"

To be perfectly honest, at this point I have no clue where this show is going to go in terms of story. I am perfectly fine with that because I want to keep guessing and be surprised at the insane twists and turns the series has to offer. We had Joe break out of prison, Ryan about to choke and bitch slap the warden of the prison and we even got little Joey being a hero. The shift in tone from dark and gloomy to just insanity is awesome and opens up an endless amount of possibilities for this show.

We all knew that Joe Carroll wasn't going to be staying in prison for the duration of the season. As soon as I heard that he was going to be transferred, it spelled the end of his time behind bars. I love that we finally got to see an unleashed version of Joe, who has no intention of going back to prison. James Purefoy is creating one of the most menacing characters in television history and we are only in the first half of season one of the show. Carroll never flinches, even when his plan is obviously not going his way but he always seems to get help out of nowhere from some pretty generic "followers". The lady with the straight razor was a bit over the top, even for this over the top series.

It is starting to shape up that Carroll handles the group of "followers" (killers) and Roderick is handling the "militant" section of the cult. What I mean by that is the people who are not serial killers or there to die for Joe but are connected to the various government agencies so they can protect the cult. Just a new theory for the show. This is going to be interesting when we actually get to meet Roderick and see what his motives are for helping Carroll. The reach of this group is astounding and it wouldn't surprise me if the President of the United States is a "follower" at this point.

Ryan needs to be more like he was in last week's episode, using his smarts and believing in his training. When he is on a role he is pretty much unstoppable because he gets in people's heads and just fucks with them, like he did with Paul and Jacob. Speaking of Paul and Jacob, has Paul bled out yet? Dude got stabbed like 5 times in the stomach and is in some serious trouble. Ryan  needs to stop acting like a little pussy when around Claire and he needs to start trying to get in front of the cult's plans so he can catch them before they do some more fucked up stuff.

I do love where this show is going but they do need to start having the police and FBI agents in this show act with some type of logic. The dumber they get, the more it is going to detract from the fun of the show. Other than some gaps in logic, this was a solid episode and I can't wait to see where the show goes over the next two months.