Friday, January 4, 2013

Comic of the Week: Hellboy in Hell #2

This is one of our new weekly features for the site. I am huge comic fan and have really gotten back into them over the last year and a half. So every week I will be featuring the best comic that I read that week, and it will be posted on either Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday depending on when I pick up my weekly books. This week the pick is Hellboy in Hell #2, and it is fucking fantastic to say the least. Everything from the art to the writing is top notch. Mike Mignola made a big splash in the comic industry by finally deciding to do a monthly Hellboy comic instead of just separate mini-series. So far the first two issue are on par with the top books being put out right now including Saga, The Walking Dead, Revival, and The Manhattan Projects. I use those series as a basis for ratings because they are the best books being offered at the point in time in my opinion.

The art in this book is simply incredible, and is the main selling point for a lot of readers. Mike Mignola is a master at his craft and has the uncanny ability of crafting dark, humorous, giant adventures with a seemingly simplistic art style. I have been a fan of his art for years and his work on this series is incredible, as he creates his own version of hell that has all sorts of twisted inhabitants. Its saying something when Hellboy is the "normal" looking character in your story. His version of Satan is twisted and odd and is completely different than any other time the character was featured in any form of media. This is what makes Mignola such a force in the comic industry, he draws epic adventures with amazingly odd characters and everything always seems to come together to make magic.

Hellboy in Hell is no slouch in the story department as well. Mignola has fun with the character even after his untimely demise at the end of his last mini-series. Hellboy, being from Hell, would naturally go back there when he died and we get the chance to see his adventures there. He is given the chance to kill Satan and assume his role as the King of Hell but has absolutely no interest in taking the mantle of King. It is going to be interesting how he deals with all of the demons and other creatures in Hell as they try and manipulate him. This is the great thing about creator owned series, you have the ability to craft these crazy, off the wall stories that would never pass at the big two, Marvel and DC.

If you are a comic fan, this is a series that you should be reading on a monthly basis. There is a lot of history to the character of Hellboy but his adventures are easily accessible and the great art by Mike Mignola is always a plus. This is a top notch series and it will be a permanent staple on my monthly pull list from my local comic shop.