Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Guardians of the Galaxy Casting Rumors

The have been a huge list of major Hollywood talent that has been linked to the upcoming Marvel production of Guardians of the Galaxy. Jim Carrey and Adam Sandler are two of the biggest and could also be the biggest mistakes that Marvel could ever make. They need actors that can blend into the roles of the characters, simply because these are characters that a lot of people have had no experience with. They need to get to know the characters and shouldn't have to focus on the fact that one of the characters will go into a silly random rant at an inopportune time. Sandler has become one of the biggest jokes in Hollywood and it has been close to a decade since he made anything resembling a solid movie. By shoehorning him into this movie, Marvel will be undoing the solid work that they have put in over the last decade to build a solid string of movies.

Keep it simple an go after low key, solid actors like they have been doing with the Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, and Avengers franchises. They molded or revived the careers of a bunch of actors and that has been a foolproof recipe to this point, so why break it. There weren't a lot of fans of Iron Man and Robert Downey Jr. before the movie came out and the same could be said for Thor and Chris Hemsworth. Chris Evans was even a mid-tier actor in Hollywood before his casting as Captain America. Sandler would only distract people from the movie itself and he also doesn't have a ton of clout with audiences after atrocities such as  Jack and Jill, Little Nicky, and That's My Boy. I also take this rumor a little personally because Rocket Raccoon is one of my favorite comic book characters and I don't need his reputation sullied by Happy Gilmore. As for the rumor about Jim Carrey, I'm just not a huge fan of him. He may be excellent for the movie in some unknown way but his presence would distract people much like Sandler's involvement would.  Marvel should be looking towards casting Michael Rooker or another actor with a similar type of voice, it would just work.