Tuesday, May 15, 2012


This is another action film in the vein of Drive. It is mostly a slow burn of a movie with sporadic action sequences and features a very quiet protagonist. Steven Soderbergh's fingerprints are all over this movie and if you are a fan of his previous work then you will be able to tell this immediately. The inclusion of a very diverse and talented cast to surround Gina Carano in her first film was an awesome decision. Usually when people are making their feature film debut they are either in a smaller role or in a really crappy production. Carano got the best of both worlds by being the centerpiece of the film and had a great cast around her. Anytime you have Michael Fassbender, Ewan McGregor, Antonio Banderas, Michael Douglas, and Bill Paxton in a movie , you know you are in for a great ride.

Carano definitely has the physical presence and ability to carry a movie on her own. She is just as beautiful as any leading lady in Hollywood but where as most leading women have a "soft" appearance, she looks like she could just demolish you in every way possible. She is the type of leading lady that Hollywood needs these days, a resurgence of the strong female protagonist. She just needs to get a better handle on her acting abilities and she will be fine. Sometimes her lines seem a little forced but for being her first leading role it is understandable. Now I just wish she could do this and the MMA thing because she was an awesome fighter and it is kind of disappointing that she hasn't fought in almost 2 years.

The supporting cast is pretty solid, even Channing Tatum gives a decent performance. Tatum seems to be Steven Soderbergh's new go to leading man and I'm not sure everyone is ready for that because so many people hate movies for his mere presence in them whether or not they are good. Tatum was awesome in 21 Jump Street and was solid in The Eagle, so there is some hope for him yet. Fassbender shows up in the movie because he seems to be popping up in everything lately and gives some credibility to this movie that would have been generally a January afterthought to most movie goers.

This was a very solid action movie but I really feel like Soderbergh's should stick to his bread and butter, dramas. I feel like this is the only type of action movie that he could make and there is not a huge market for this slow burn of an action movie in the market today. Overall it was a fantastic film and most people should see it just to witness Gina Carano on screen. She just obliterates people on-screen and there is never a moment where you don't believe that she could destroy anyone on-screen. She is going to be a big star, mark my words.

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