Friday, February 3, 2012


Independent filmmakers should take notice of this movie. Shoestring budget+good acting+great story= success. That is a formula for success in my honest opinion, and Chronicle followed through in every way according to the formula. The found footage concept of the movie could have come off as contrived and played out, but this was just awesome. It was also great that the audience got an explanation as to why everything was being filmed by the characters. This placed right below the mother of all found footage movies, Cloverfield, in my opinion. That is not taking anything away from this movie when you consider that Cloverfield is up there in terms of my favorite movies.

My favorite aspect of the movie was the evolution of the characters over the course of the film. None of the developments felt forced and they really did act like most high school kids would if given the same powers. You get to see how each kid is changed by the power that has been given to them. Steve isn't changed at all, he is still the determined one and is still friendly. Matt understands that the power is a big deal and tries to not abuse them. Andrew on the other hand is the opposite of Matt. He embraces the powers a little too much and starts to believe that he is a more highly developed human being than the rest of the world. When he starts mentioning the concept of the "apex predator", you know that he has gone completely off the deep end. There is no coming back from that type of mind set, and couple that with an abusive home situation and you have a recipe for disaster. You as the viewer gets to see how absolute power corrupts people from all different upbringings in this movie and it was by far the most interesting aspect of the movie to me.

On a less serious note, the special effects in this movie are pretty boss. They might not have the polish of higher budget movies but what they lack in polish they make up with brutality and originality. The ending fight sequence is just awesome, and I'm not going to spoil anything so don't worry. The flight sequences are well done as well due to some well timed comedy and creative effects. All of the effects had to be well dome in order to sell the movie to the audiences because the characters have a power that is invisible to the viewer unless the power is being directed on a certain item.

This is the best superhero movie that I have seen in the last couple of year. People might not consider this a superhero movie at first but watch it then tell me what type of movie you think it is. This is a great debut for the director as well as for the three lead actors who will undoubtedly find future success in Hollywood. This is also a movie that does not need a sequel. That is not a bad thing at all, it just means that this was a fantastic story that can be contained to one movie. The ending is a great and fulfilling conclusion to an absolutely fantastic movie. I wish all movies were this original.



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