Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Centurion is one of the best B-movies that I have ever seen and rivals the quality of many historical epics in terms of quality and overall story. The lead actor in the movie, Michael Fassbender, is fantastic in his role just like he has been in all of his mainstream acting roles. There are no other actors of note in the movie but it doesn't hurt the production in any way. Everyone has a certain role to fulfill and they each do a great time even if a lot of them only have very limited screen time. Neil Marshall is also a fantastic choice to helm this movie because her knows how to cultivate a story and keep the action frantic and gory. The acting and the action set pieces are what really keeps this movie going because the plot is a rather standard one for the genre the movie is in.

The movie concerns itself with the tale of the Ninth Legion that went missing in the second century CE. Dias, played by Fassbender, is a Centurion who is captured by the Picts and then found by the Ninth Legion. The movie follows the quest for Dian and the rest of the legion to recover their commander and then the movie soon changes in a chase movie. The later parts of the movie have Dias and the remnants of the Ninth trying to escape back to the main camp of the Roman forces. This movie may have some historical inaccuracies but this never takes away from the movie at all. The action is intense from start to finish and the pace of the story never really slows down. This is the great part of movies directed by Marshall, he knows how to put his foot on the gas and never let up. He makes movies that are adrenaline fueled action fests, even his horror movie was more action packed then some Hollywood action movies.

Fassbender may be at this point considered to be the finest actor in Hollywood. He takes on roles that other directors wouldn't dare take on such as his role in Hunger, and his new movie entitled Shame. His new movie is already garnering rave reviews and even though it is rated NC-17, it is doing very well in the theaters it has been shown in. He has proven that he can act in blockbusters and in independent movies as well and as long as he keeps doing that he will continue to be successful. Also on another note, the action in this movie is absolutely brutal and it is awesome. The amount of blood and gore in this movie is truly impressive and has become somewhat of a calling card for the director, Marshall. I have liked all of his major movies with his best being The Descent. Each one of his movie is fantastically brutal and even though they may have simplistic stories, he knows how to get the most out of his actors and does a great job of developing even the most basic of plots.

This is a movie that is worth watching if you enjoy movies that have great performances and lots of gore. This movie is a gore hound's fantasy and the movie delivers in pretty much ever category. Fassbender's performance alone is worth the price of admission and the action is really secondary. The movie also features an extremely pretty actress, Imogen Poots, who also has one of the most interesting names in the business. She is really great in her limited role and is an up and coming actress. Please watch this movie because these movies deserve attention and more directors need to be like Marshall. Overall I would give this movie an 8/10. It may not be perfect but it is one hell of a fun ride.